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Nutrients are necessary for every structure and function in the body. A nutrient is defined as a chemical substance that provides energy, forms new components or assists in various bodily processes. In… Read More

Microorganism Elimination Technique (M.E.T.)

Microorganisms are a constant threat to our bodies, well-being, energy and vitality. Viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi can steal nutrients and force the body to use up resources to fight the infection… Read More


Manipulation is a manual maneuver used to restore maximal, pain-free movement of the muscular skeletal system.  The history of manipulation of the spine and extremities begins as early as Hippocrates in 640… Read More

Intravenous Myers Cocktail

The idea of receiving vitamins intravenously may seem strange and somewhat extreme. Are not IVs just for really sick people in the hospital? IV therapy can have significant health benefits for all… Read More


The extraordinary science of homeopathy emerged early in the 19th century. This well described system of medicine is now the second most used system in the world and its growth throughout the… Read More

High Protein Diet & Insulin Resistance

The high protein diet is a weight loss program designed to help you lose fat but maintain your muscle mass. For a relatively short period of time the amount of carbohydrates (sugars… Read More

Eliminate Allergy Technique (EAT)

Introduction to EAT While the majority of allergy treatments for foods involve restricting foods, the Eliminate Allergy Technique (EAT) allows you to eat. There are 2 definitions of allergies often used: one,… Read More

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy affects all levels of your being. When the body is not able to use light and function optimally, vitality and energy are lowered and the body is open to disease… Read More

Mental Reprogramming Technique (M.R.T.)

Our Mental Reprograming Technique addresses the emotional component of disease, both functional and pathological, in a safe and effective physiological way. It is human nature to have an emotional response to significant… Read More

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