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What do Labs Mean?

Labs Laboratory tests often require a sample of your blood, urine or body tissue, to help determine what you may be at risk for, diagnose or rule out a disease, monitor particular… Read More

 Weak and Diseased Organs

 When an organ plays out of tune The human body is composed of several vital organ systems that work together in unison for our daily function.  Numerous lifestyle factors and environmental exposures… Read More

Structural Damage

Not working the way it used to  Damage to the body can occur in a variety of ways: accidental injuries, falls, sport injuries, repetitive strain or overuse. Other forms of trauma can… Read More


It’s a tight rope The endocrine system is the complex glandular system in your body comprised of: the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, adrenal, pancreas, ovary and testes. These glands produce chemical messengers,… Read More


Nature vs. Nurture The influential role of genetics on disease has often been a controversial topic. The human genome project which began in 1990 attempted to sequence all the genes in the… Read More

Circulation and Blood Pressure

The Most Used Muscle  The circulatory system is vital to the proper function of the human body. Our blood plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis (balance) by bringing essential nutrients and… Read More