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Our Values in Healthcare

Dr. Michael A. Prytula ND, PSc.D and Dr. Mike Um ND, HBSc, Psc.D are provincially licensed by the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapists/ Naturopathy (College of Naturopaths of Ontario) to provide standard Naturopathic health care services.

Our clinic was founded in 1988 by Dr. Michael A. Prytula ND. D.PSc. with the goal of becoming one of North America’s most advanced naturopathic facilities and have over 50 years of experience with our team of medical professionals.

At Nature Medicine our mission is to provide the structure for the healing of patients, by optimizing their health and treating disease. We educate our patients and individualize the treatment process by eliminating disease-causing factors by using current medical therapies and complimentary therapies that have been proven to be effective throughout the world and throughout time.

At Nature Medicine – we believe that our patients have the right to freedom of choice in healthcare.

Dr. Prytula ND, Dr. Um ND and their lawyers also fought a four year legal battle with the College of Nurses for our registered nurses to administer your IV’s under the direction of a Naturopathic Doctor. Unfortunately we lost that case, so under Ontario law, we can hire and train anyone to administer IV’s – we just cannot have a nurse accomplish this task. Is this really serving the public interest?

Dr Prytula has done his due diligence. He fought a ten year legal battle with the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy. He had a two thousand signature petition read at queen park. He sat on the transition counsel and presented an over 600 page submission for the approval of various therapies which were already approved by HPRAC. He has trained Doctors in these therapies and developed courses that have become the industry standards of training.

Dr. Prytula ND, Dr. Um ND and the staff at Nature Medicine are educators of choice for IV therapies (IV Ozone, IV Chelation, IV Basics and Emergency Procedures Courses) and are endorsed by government agencies and professional associations in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia in Canada. In the US, the state of Arizona and other states that have jurisdictional reciprocity. We have also trained Medical Doctors in Mexico.

IV ozone, IV chelation and other advanced therapies  were deemed to be a threat to the Ontario Public in spite of Dr. Prytula’s ND teaching has been approved in almost all licensed Naturopathic jurisdictions in Canada except Ontario.