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Cancer: A Collaborative Approach

We understand that being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most challenging events one will confront in one’s life.

The overwhelming emotional burden of the cancer diagnosis and then being forced to make immediate decisions about your course of therapy is intimidating. Some are given no treatment options, some want the all natural route, some want to minimize side effects from chemo or radiation, some want to augment their chemo or radiation, while some desire to prolong their life and maintain their quality of life.

At Nature Medicine we offer a collaborative approach working in conjunction with chemo, radiation and surgery. We also offer a stand alone approach for those whose oncologists have told them there are no treatment options available for their cancer diagnosis.

At we do not treat cancer directly, we treat the mechanisms that result in cancer cell death (apoptosis) and support the body. We have many tools at our disposal that are utilized in a synergistic way.

Cancer: Complimentary medicine working with conventional chemotherapy and radiation

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