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Detoxification is an important elimination process the body uses daily to remove toxins and prevent their accumulation in the body.  It does not matter how many good things you put into your body if you cannot take out the garbage. Your body is the house of your soul. If you accumulate garbage in one room of your house that will attract flies (microorganisms, abnormal cells, cancerous cells…). Antibiotics, antivirals, chemotherapy and radiation kill the flies (bacteria, viruses and cancer cells), but if you do not do anything to get rid of the garbage, the flies will come back.

The liver, intestines and kidneys are the primary organs responsible for this, however there are actually 5 methods of detoxification employed by the body. Toxins that are not removed are stored in fat tissue and bone.

Organ Method Toxin Solubility
Skin Excretion through sweat Fat & Water
Liver Filtering of the blood, bile secretion, phase I detoxification, phase II detoxification Fat
Intestines Mucosal detoxification, excretion through feces Mostly Fat

Some Water

Kidneys Excretion through urine Water
Lungs Excretion through respiration Water

Generally, we have two types of toxins: water soluble and fat soluble. Water soluble toxins can be dissolved in water, whereas fat soluble toxins are dissolved in fat. The liver plays the most crucial role in fat soluble detoxification. It filters blood to remove large toxins, synthesizes and secretes bile to remove fat soluble toxins and disassembles unwanted chemicals with enzymes. This disassembly process requires two steps. Phase I will directly neutralize a toxin or will modify the chemical into a form that can be neutralized by Phase II. The liver detoxifies almost 2 liters of blood every minute and 99% of bacteria and toxins. However, when the liver is damaged, the amount of toxins that remain in the blood increases by 10 times.

The Detox Program is comprehensive to rid the body of unwanted chemicals through a combination of therapies which include the use of:

  • Oral supplementation to support Phase I and Phase II detoxification
  • Fasting
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Q2 Energy Water System
  • Colonics

This protocol is designed to ease detoxification while simultaneously maximizing the effects. This means that you will feel better, sooner. Detoxifying the liver as well as the rest of the body will not only increase your energy level, but will also increase the effectiveness of your immune system. Providing you with better health now and for the future.