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Stealth Infections

In chronic infections the microorganism evades the immune system by several means. First of all it hides, typically in areas of poor circulation (caused by heavy metals, and chemicals.) Secondly the microrgansim learns how to dominate the hosts behaviour and immune system. Thirdly the microorganism does things that help create a better breeding ground for itself by producing peptides and other informational substances that create acidity, toxicity, decrease circulation and discourage the immune system from accessing the infected area. There are many other mechanisms and microorganisms use many mechanisms to maintain their stealth capability. Ultimately microorganisms have one goal and one goal only: self preservation!

When western science cannot detect these microorganisms in tissues infected the corresponding diseases are wrongly labeled as being autoimmune diseases. This is where the body attacks itself. In coronary heart disease and stroke they have identified more microorganisms as being suspect causes, these include: herpes viruses, chlamydiae, h. pylori, strept, nanobacteria, and salmonella. In multiple sclerosis they have identified herpes virus 6, mycoplasmas, borrelia, and cytomegalovirus. In osteoarthritis they have identified mycoplasmas and chlamydiae. In parkinson’s disease we have: mycoplasmas, borrelia, chlamydiae, and herpes viruses. In ALS or Lou Gerhig’s Disease we have: mycoplasmas, borrelia, Herpes simplex 1 and 2, cytomegalovirus and human herpes virus 6. Cancer is a combination of numberous viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

We however have a new problem. Viruses exchanging DNA with bacteria. It has long been known that viruses would change DNA with each other and that bacteria could change DNA with fungi. Recently it has been discovered that viruses exchange DNA with bacteria.

The Problem is modern medicine cannot detect these microorganisms without expensive, very expensive lab tests. At times it is better to treat than to test, as an effective and accurate test may have not yet been created to detect your infectious microorganism.

Sometimes systemically effective therapies are better utilized without an infection diagnosis but for disease treatment nonetheless. Treatments such as Ozone, Photodynamic therapy, Chelation with IV ascorbic acid, IV vitamins and minerals have been effective in treating stealth microorganisms.

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