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As of the summer of 2018 we have added two new revolutionary technologies: *IV Laser and *Hyperbaric ten pass ozone. . *IV Laser (photodynamic therapy) for facilitating the death of cancer cells and stealth microorganisms and much more!. Hyperbaric ten pass *ozone to facilitate the death of cancer cells, neutralize fat soluble toxins, increase oxygen in the tissues and facilitate the death of stealth microorganisms this breakthrough technology allows us to administer up to 140,000 ug of *ozone per treatment versus the conventional way to administer ozone which is 2,400 ug of *ozone. Up to 40X as much! We are the only clinic in North America to have all 3 technologies and more!

We are conveniently situated in St. Catharines Ontario, a quiet clean small city located beside Lake Ontario in the Niagara Region which is a short distance away from a world’s famous tourist attraction – Niagara Falls.

The daily treatments we offer depend upon your goals: do you need disease treatment or do you have a functional disorder with lots of symptoms but no one has been able to give you a diagnosis. Do you want to optimize your health to see how healthy you can get and see how much you can increase your performance. Maybe you want to prevent against getting cancer which maybe rampant in your family tree. Depending upon your health condition and goals treatment is very personalized.

*PMA member service only