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You don’t have to go to Switzerland to get the latest in alternative and complimentary treatments that are not offered by medical hospitals in North America.  We have assembled a wide variety of devices and medical protocols that are commonly offered in “exclusive” clinics where the rich and famous go for treatments, but offer them at affordable prices in Canadian dollars which can be a great value for our American customers.

As of the summer of 2018 we have added three new revolutionary technologies: Oncotherm, *IV Laser and *Hyperbaric ten pass ozone. Oncotherm uses radio waves that generate heat to kill cancer cells, we are one of a dozen clinics in North America to have this technology. *IV Laser (photodynamic therapy) for killing cancer cells and stealth microorganisms and much more!. Hyperbaric ten pass *ozone to kill cancer cells, neutralize fat soluble toxins, increase oxygen in the tissues and kill stealth microorganisms this breakthrough technology allows us to administer up to 140,000 ug of *ozone per treatment versus the conventional way to administer ozone which is 2,400 ug of *ozone. Up to 40X as much! We are the only clinic in North America to have all 3 technologies and more!

We are conveniently situated in St. Catharines Ontario, a quiet clean small city located beside Lake Ontario in the Niagara Region which is a short distance away from the world’s most famous tourist attraction – Niagara Falls.  People come from all over North America for a “wellness holiday” to receive their daily treatments at our modern facilities and then head out to explore everything that the Niagara Parks has to offer.

You can choose to stay in a 5 Star hotel in St Catharines or Niagara Falls or you can try one of the many cozy Bed and Breakfast Boutiques that are popular with the Europeans.

The daily treatments we offer depend upon your goals: do you need disease treatment or do you have a functional disorder with lots of symptoms but no one has been able to give you a diagnosis. Do you want to optimize your health to see how healthy you can get and see how much you can increase your performance. Maybe you want to prevent against getting cancer which maybe rampant in your family tree. Depending upon your health condition and goals your personalized treatment may consist of *Chelation therapy to detox the body of heavy metals and then  Infusions of vitamins, minerals and metals that our body requires. Or possibly *Ozone therapy to eliminate viruses and bacteria and the pain that often is associated with it.  Several rooms are dedicated to PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy mats for our patients to use on a daily basis before and after their treatments.

*PMA member service only