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IV Vitamins and Minerals

While recent years have seen an entire industry emerge around the commercial preparation and sale of vitamin and mineral supplements, many of the products available through retailers and private distributors are of little value if used improperly. They can in fact, cause substantial damage to patients’ bodies and are often more expensive then they need to be. Safe effective treatment with vitamin and/or mineral supplementation requires a comprehensive investigation, which takes into account your unique biochemistry. If vitamins and minerals are needed to treat your health condition, your Nature Medicine’s Naturopath will recommend the dosage and type that is right for you. The Nature Medicine Clinic does not receive compensation from the manufacturer or distributor of any line of vitamin or mineral products.

Why do I need it?

You may be fighting a cold or flu bug, stressed, run down or fatigued. The treatment can also be administered prior to an upcoming stressful situation to help you cope more easily. If you have been fighting a cold all season or your energy is low, these symptoms are signs that the body is not balanced. It is a reflection that the body is not healthy.

Our body is powered by trillions of cells which are fueled by nutrients in our food. During times of ill health, the cells need nutrients to get the job done. More importantly, we need to get the nutrients into the cells where they can be  efficiently used. If nutrients remain outside the cells, the kidneys and liver will filter them out. Nutrients gain entry into the cells in two ways. First, by absorption, where nutrients slip through the cell wall (membrane). Secondly, by actively being transported across the cell wall (membrane).  This requires energy. When cells are sick, they are not able to perform their functions correctly, such as actively transporting the nutrients into the cell. This problem is bypassed by forcing the nutrients into the cell through absorption. When given in high concentration, intravenous nutrients enter the cell by sheer force of numbers.

Could I just take it orally?

There is nothing wrong with taking supplements orally. However during times of ill health, the body needs more nutrients and the absorption of these nutrients may be compromised. When taking supplements orally, we are limited by a few factors, as nutrients in the supplements need to get from the stomach and into the bloodstream. Appropriate digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid must be present in order to break down the supplement. As we get older, the natural production of hydrochloric acid and enzymes is reduced. From the stomach, the supplement travels to the small and large intestines where absorption occurs and it enters the bloodstream, then the cells. By the time the nutrient has finally reached the bloodstream, approximately 70% has been lost in transit. Another factor that needs to be considered is that the body has a saturation point. This means anything above and beyond a certain point the body will not be able to absorb. A good example is with vitamin C. The average individual will be able to take approximately 1000 mg with no ill effects. However, if one increases oral vitamin C consumption to 5000-30,000 mg, the body’s saturation point will be met and the rest will be expelled through a bowel movement, possibly diarrhea. However, intravenous administration produces an immediate and significant increase in concentration because it is delivered right into the bloodstream bypassing the stomach and allowing us to increase the amount of nutrients significantly. We administer approximately 2,500-5,000mg of vitamin C. Other ingredients that support body function and the immune system included in the IV are magnesium, B1, B5, B complex, B12, B6, calcium and various minerals.

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