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Mental Reprograming

Our Mental Reprograming Technique (M.R.T.) addresses the emotional component of disease, both functional and pathological, in a safe and effective physiological way. It is human nature to have an emotional response to significant events in our lives. Sometimes however, our bodies will hold onto a strong response that can eventually cause an imbalance in health. Less than 10% of thought is conscious. The remaining 90% is subconscious (unconscious). When we experience something that creates an emotional reaction, whether positive or negative, both our conscious and subconscious record it. Humans naturally follow the pleasure/pain principle, in which we avoid the negative and gravitate towards the positive. In our mind, our subconscious and conscious thoughts perceive threats and rewards to help reinforce pleasure stimulus and stay away from pain.

These mechanisms sometimes also create a physiological or pathological response to certain stimuli. For example, you may be having a conversation with a loved one and they make a comment with a certain body language or tone of voice attached to it. Your subconscious immediately responds. “I heard this before, I know how this goes”. Inevitably an argument results. A salesperson could hit that emotional buy button in trying to get you to purchase something you do not really need. These automatic reactions are due to a previous emotional response that has been “locked” into your sympathetic nervous system. These responses are based on strong negative or positive emotions that have been attached to past events. In many instances you may not be aware of the conscious or subconscious emotion that manifests as a symptom of disease. Driving down the street, a car goes by with a sound similar to what happened in a previous accident. The subconscious, determined to ensure our survival, triggers the fight, flight or freeze alarm. This can cause one to cringe, have muscle spasms, headaches, anxiety, etc. The M.R.T attempts to delete the physiological subconscious and associated emotional response created in the body.

How does M.R.T. work?

The Nature Medicine Clinic uses muscle testing, body reflex points and semantic reactions (physiological reactions to memories or words) to assist and guide you to recall an emotional pattern, similar to a computer operator engaging a specific program. We work with you, assisting you to experience different thoughts and emotions (e.g. “I’m ok loving myself and my body” or “I’m ok forgiving myself” or “I’m ok forgiving that which has offended me”). During this process, your conscious thought scans your subconscious for other times where you may have seen, heard or felt the experience that led to the emotional impact. Remember the example of ladies saying “it is safe to lose weight” after using weight gain as emotional protection from the outside world (possibly from undue sexual attention). While you mentally hold the emotional memory, the Nature Medicine Clinic stimulates the associated acupressure points or pulse points to release the emotional intensity and delete the physiological response attached to it. The M.R.T. seeks to normalize a neurological imbalance by using a physical stimulus to break up the physical reaction to the emotion, allowing for a change in physiology. This can be so effective at removing past traumas, that when people attempt to recall the traumatic memory, they have difficulties. Some even recall the trauma as being a third party (once removed, like watching a movie) instead of first party (feeling it, being in the movie). They no longer experience it, but simply observe it.

Homeopathics and Western Botanicals can be used to help assist and reinforce the treatment.

Is M.R.T. treatment safe?

Yes. The Nature Medicine Clinic uses a safe and gentle stimulation of acupressure points. The entire procedure is not unpleasant and patients often express immediate relief following the point treatment.

Please note: M.R.T. treatment is NOT a substitute for psychological or psychiatric therapy. It will delete the trauma, however it will not teach you to not walk down the same street or not fall into the same hole. M.R.T. works in conjunction with psychotherapy and counseling. It may take 1 to 5 treatments to repair a strong emotional response.

What are emotions?

In the past, emotions were considered psychologically based. Scientific discoveries have however shown that emotions are physiologically based. According to the Longman Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry, emotions are “A complex reaction pattern of the changes in nervous, visceral and skeletal-muscle tissues response to a stimulus… As a strong feeling, emotion is usually directed towards a specific person or event and involves widespread physiological changes, such as increased heart rate and inhibition of peristalsis.”

Furthermore, recent advancements in neuroscience demonstrate that emotions are an interaction between chains of amino acids, which form neuropeptides and receptors. Therefore, emotions are normal physiological (organic) processes in the body, some of which are pleasant and others which are not. When an emotional response is happening at an inappropriate time, it is producing abnormal physiology, illness symptoms and possibly contributing to pathology.

We feel different emotions in different parts of the body, in different ways. Ancient acupuncturists correlated the different emotions to different organ meridians in our body. For example, fear to the kidney, anger to the liver, grief to the lungs, etc.

Although the primary locations for the physiology of emotions are in the brain, spine, autonomic nervous system and acupuncture circuits, emotions do affect any and all parts of the body in a physiological way. Researchers have now demonstrated that emotional bio-chemicals travel to almost every cell in the body.

Who should use M.R.T.?

M.R.T. is for the individual in pursuit of excellent health, quality of life, inner joy and peace in coping with life’s daily challenges and for the fulfillment of dreams and goals. M.R.T. is a powerful technique that allows for transition and transformation as it discharges old emotional-reality imprints. This procedure is done clearly, rapidly and thoroughly. As the physiological and nervous system attachments to the emotional response are cleared, they are removed from the subconscious and do not return unless they are re-imprinted by re-traumatization.