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Why the PMA?

The Pastoral Medical Association is a medical association out of Texas and it serves its members by making pastoral medicine available to its members based upon the terms of its membership agreement.


Why do NatureMedicine doctors have PMA memberships?

The doctors at NatureMedicine have done their due diligence in trying everything possible to work with the our licensing boards and the Ontario Ministry of Health including: lobbying the Ontario government (2000+ signatures), legal action twice (10 yrs and 4 yrs), serving the Ontario ministry of health, working with the Ontario ministry of Health, and trying to set a higher standard within our profession. We have found that the agenda of the Ontario Ministry of Health is not whats in the public interest in serving the citizens of Ontario. To that end Nature Medicine’s Doctors and citizens of Ontario have chosen to appeal to a higher law (Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms) to get access to the health care they so desperately need. Nature Medicine Doctors are tired of spending more time and money doing political battles than doing medicine.

The Ontario Ministry of Health has failed miserably in upholding its oath to serve the public interest.

  1. The politicians of Ontario gave Naturopathic Doctors prescription rights and the Ontario Ministry of Health bureaucrats only added 1 item beyond what we previously had access to. Despite recommendations from two multimillion dollar HPRAC reviews (paid for by the citizens of Ontario) that stated NDs should have access to all manner of Prescription items.
  2. Naturopathic Doctors can hire someone off the street and train them to perform their IVs but they cant hire a nurse. Even after a four year legal battle with the college of nurses and a 2,000 plus petition signed by the citizens of Ontario was presented in the Ontario legislature.
  3. The Doctors at Nature Medicine presented a 600+ page document supporting the use of hundreds of substances to no avail.
  4. Nature Medicines Doctors train and certify Naturopathic and Medical doctors from across north america in the treatments which they have been trying to get approved by the Ontario Ministry of Health. This training is endorsed by the BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia governments. Also by American and Mexican licensing authorities.
  5. Dr Michael A Prytula ND served on the Transition Council to try to get better laws to no avail. Self government is a joke as all proposals have to be approved by Ministry of Health staff who boldly stated they wanted NDs to have no controlled acts. 
  6. The ten year legal battle with Dr Prytulas previous licensing board (BDDTN) and overseen by the Ministry of Health was full of double standards of enforcement and underhanded agendas. Dr Prytula never had a patient complaint against him to warrant a ten year legal battle and had to pay for all his legal fees out of his pocket! His malpractice insurance didnt pay for anything as there was no patient complaint.
  7. Upon passing the new College of Naturopaths of Ontario law and with recent changes across all Ontario Health professions: You the citizen of Ontario no longer have protected privacy to your personal information. Yes we have HIPAA (USA) and PIPEDA (Canada) enacted rules, regulations and legislation that govern the privacy of our data by health professionals yet these rule do not apply to the representatives of the Ministry of Health who can and do violate your privacy at will. 
  8. The BDDTN could not effectively prosecute Dr Michael A Prytula ND because he never had a patient complaint and therefor his licensing board couldnt get access to a patient file to show that he performed chelation or ozone. Now a representative from the Ontario Ministry of Health can come into our offices, violate your privacy and go thru our medical files until they find what they need to issue a revocation of our license.


When you choose to become a member of the Pastoral Medical Association you exercise your rights under the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms to get access to member services and have a members file not a medical file so your personal information is protected from prying government eyes.


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