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Nature Medicine meets Star Trek

Photonic pulsed Lasers, Pulsed Electromagnetics fields, radiowaves to generate thermal effects. Code Red!

Sensitive to my sensitivities

Nature Medicine clinic has invested alot of money to create a low electrosmog environment. We understand the negative health effects from wireless and G5 technology.

Only in Canada eH?

Come to Canada where your American Health Care dollar goes further…. and it’s a great vacation too, just a few minutes from Niagara Falls!”

Top ten reasons why Nature Medicine is your best friend.

The Top Ten Reasons to Choose The Nature Medicine Clinic

  1. We are affordable
  2. We use tried and true methods to treat patients. Our protocols involve detoxing the patient to remove the body burdens and then we add the necessary “Nature Medicine” to nourish the cells – so your body can heal itself.
  3. Our facility tries to caters to persons that have environmental sensitivities. We understand the negative health effects from wireless technology. Our building is made of metal and RF shielded glass. It’s low in electrosmog from external and internal sources. Our power is filtered. The lighting is clean without flicker. We appreciate sunlight so we have lots of windows in our building and invite it inside.
  4. We are not located in a contested polluted city. The air is fresh from the lake and parks.  There are no traffic jams or rush hour to contend with and we have plenty of free parking.
  5. We are not against “Western Medicine” because it has its rightful place in our healthcare system. When appropriate we work towards limiting western medicine’s  side effects. We will work with your medical doctor to offer complimentary treatments.
  6. Our facility is spacious. Your treatment wait times are minimal. We don’t rush our treatment sessions.
  7. Our Naturopathic Doctors are highly skilled professionals that train other doctors the latest “complimentary” methods of healthcare that are not taught by medical colleges or universities.
  8. We are conveniently located close to Niagara Falls – one of the wonders of the world. Experience a wellness holiday in the Niagara wine region – get your daily treatments at our clinic and then venture out to discover the many attractions that bring visitors to enjoy Canada’s natural wonders and parks.
  9. We like to educate our patients and members. We have published books about our methods of healthcare so you can bring the knowledge home with you.
  10. We are friendly. We like to make new friends. We care about you as a patient but more importantly we consider you to be a friend. Friends tell others about the special friends they have made along the journey – and it’s your recommendations to others that help us to spread the word that Nature’s Medicine is your very best friend.