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Month: May 2016

 Water Filters

Clean drinking water is important for maintaining optimal health for both you and your family. The need for water filtering systems is a growing concern for many. In 1993, over 100 people… Read More


Exercise, as discussed in the lifestyle section, increases circulation, muscle strength, longevity, mood, etc. The health benefits of exercise are dependent upon the frequency, intensity and duration of the exercise, not to… Read More

Environmental Allergies

There are thousands of different types of particulates present in the air throughout the year that can lead to allergy symptoms. Knowing when these counts are elevated may help to prepare you… Read More

Air Filters

With all the potential adverse health effects from the quality of air in the home it is natural to want to protect yourself and your family from the chemicals being released into… Read More

Changing Habits

From early childhood, human beings are conditioned by our parents, our culture and our environment to do things a certain way. Our worldview is shaped by the things we are told we… Read More

Spiritual Doors

Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware Some may think it strange to find a section on spiritual doors in a book about health. We would tend to disagree. The growing fascination we observe… Read More


What’s love got to do with it? The English language uses one word to express the many facets of this concept.  “I love dogs.” “I love to sail.” “I love you.” We… Read More

Belief: Faith and Hope

Seeing it through As North Americans, we have become accustomed to relying on our individuality, education and internal resolve to get us through the tough times in life. If that fails, we… Read More

Our Subconscious

Friend or Foe? The human brain is an elaborate and highly integrated grid consisting of billions of neurons and trillions of connections.  Its capacity to acquire sensory information is exponential. The brain… Read More


Warning: rating PG What was once a taboo subject for society in the west is no longer. Television and movies have made sex a common topic of conversation in the 21st century. … Read More