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Cleansing Diet

The Cleansing Diet is designed for a 5-7-or 10-day period. The diet will provide you with all the nutrition you need while your body cleanses, detoxifies and heals. On this diet, calories are not counted nor are food weighed. Strict attention is given to the selection and quality of the food consumed during the diet. Below is a list of restricted and permitted foods.

Please Note: Everything that is consumed while on the cleansing diet should not have any preservatives, no artificial colourings/flavourings, no stimulants, no salt, no pepper and no chemicals added what so ever. They should not be consumed from cans or plastic but glass containers. This cleansing diet is absolutely dairy and wheat free. All foods eaten during the diet should be unaltered by man as much as possible and fresh with all the wholesome goodness nature has made.


  1. Eat until you feel full but not engorged. It is better to eat six to eight small meals rather than three large ones daily. This will vary from person to person depending on your daily activities, demands and type of job.
  2. Refrain from drinking 15-20 minutes before or after eating, even water. This dilutes the enzymes in the stomach needed to properly digest the foods eaten.
  3. Eat all fruits and drink fruit juices separately from all other foods. Consume these no less than 30 minutes before meals and one hour after meals.
  4. Eat organic whenever and as often as possible (refer to the Dirty Dozen at Otherwise try to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables in season. Wash all fruits and vegetables with mild dish soap and rinse thoroughly before eating.
  5. Buy unsulphured dried fruit only. These can be found at health food stores. Ask for unsulphured if not clearly marked on package.
  6. Always read the ingredients on every food package before you buy it. (please refer to our Tips for Understanding Ingredient Labels in the following Diet section)
  7. Drink plenty of filtered water daily, approximately 6-8 glasses per day.

Coming off the diet: Reintroduce a new food with each meal and notice any reactions that result by keeping an accurate log of your results. This may include a reoccurrence of old symptoms, decreased energy levels and an obscured thinking process. You can test yourself through the slow introduction of foods. If you do notice changes in your health after reintroducing foods, you should be tested for food sensitivities and be treated with the Eliminate Allergy Technique (E.A.T.). If you notice no change in your health, you may not have food sensitivities and do not need to be tested for them.

Healthy Eating Habits:  THE SEVEN STEP PLAN

  1. Eliminate all “funky foods”:  All sugars, starches such as potatoes, white flour, white rice, caffeine and alcohol.
  2. Eat fruit alone and on an empty stomach
  3. Eat proteins (such as meat and eggs) and fats (such as butter and cheese) with vegetables.
  4. Eat carbohydrates such as whole-grain pasta, with vegetables.
  5. Do not eat proteins and fats with carbohydrates
  6. Wait three hours between meals if switching from a protein/fat meal to a carbohydrate meal or vice versa.
  7. Do not skip meals. Eat at least three a day and eat until you feel comfortably full.


Organic: grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, petrochemically derived fertilizers, fumigants etc. and without being irradiated

Pasture-fed/Grass-fed: the animal has been raised outdoors and grass-fed. Some organic grain (like corn) may have been given as feed but the animal was pasture-fed during a large portion of its life. No antibiotics and/or carcinogenic hormones are given to the animal or included in its diet.

This diet has been composed expressly for the patients of Nature Medicine. All others who follow this diet do so at their own risk. Consult your primary health care provider about the applicability of such a diet in your particular case. (please read the Diet for more information)