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The Earth

The earth brings us energy via electrons.  These electrons travel along the paramagnetic soil to nourish the roots of plants and trees that provide medicinal herbs, fruits, and seeds. The earth also provides energized natural structured water from springs that contain important minerals, crystals and micro-organisms that are beneficial to our health.

The earth’s geomagnetic and electric fields are important for human life too. When we walk, our bones which are piezoelectric in nature are stressed and as we move through the earth’s electromagnetic field, our body takes on an electric charge which travels along our meridian system. Walking barefoot through the sand is especially healthful as it grounds and neutralizes the flow of energy through the body.

Unfortunately, this bond to the earth – this flow of energy called chi or prana has been disrupted by modern civilization. Our clinic utilizes advanced earth based magnetic “wellness” energy therapy to enhance the immune system and negate the effects from environmental stressors.

Electromagnetic field therapy PEMF mats
Electromagnetic field therapy PEMF mats