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*Medical Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is our specialty – so much so that our doctors travel extensively in North America to train other doctors in it’s medical use.  We are the largest, most well equipped facility in Canada to offer Ozone therapy to treat a wide variety of illness. Our state of the art equipment and extensive experience provides our patients with the assurance and peace of mind that is often needed when considering Ozone as a therapy.

Ozone therapy was invented well over one hundred years ago  and has flourished in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but it’s use in medicine has been downplayed here in North America – until recently. The dental industry has now embraced it to mend decayed teeth and root canals.  Doctors are using it to heal serious back, hip and knee pain and the general public has discovered its wondrous energizing  effects in drinking water.

If you want the very best in Medical Ozone Therapy, the doctors at Nature Medicine are here to guide, teach and treat you using the best technology that is available.

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