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A Nature Medicine Clinic for individuals that want the alternative Swiss approach  to healthcare. 
If you are looking for a healthcare facility that offers similar treatments that are only found in the exclusive Swiss clinics, The Nature Medicine Clinic here in St. Catharines offers the latest treatment options in a newly redesigned electrosmog free facility.
We all have heard of the exclusive Swiss clinics that are a favourite of the rich and famous. These clinics specialize in incurable diseases and offer treatment protocols that are not paid for by private or public health insurance and are out of reach for the common man. Well, we feel this is not right so the doctors at Nature Medicine have brought the best of Switzerland to Canada to offer to everyone at affordable prices.
Switzerland is home to the WHO and their healthcare system is very different from the one we experience in North America. The Swiss government allows their doctors to practise medicine that is safe without side effects and most importantly – it works. As long as they do no harm to the patient, they are free to use methods and machines that are not found in North American hospitals. They are not bound to the organized drug industry where writing prescriptions for regulated medicine is the norm.
Dr. Michael Prytula ND, the owner of the Nature Medicine clinic has witnessed an alarming number of patients that he believes are suffering from symptoms related to chronic overexposures of harmful electromagnetic fields. This is called EHS or  ElectroHyperSensitivity. He has experienced this environmental illness himself and has built an ultramodern healthcare clinic that is free from dirty electricity and wireless technology. The outer walls of the building are made of metal which act as a faraday cage to prohibit the microwave radiation from cell towers from entering the facility. There are no portable phones or WiFi devices inside the clinic and patients are asked to put their cell phones on “Airplane Mode” to accommodate the patients that are electrosensitive.
Patients that are electrosensitive often experience headaches, brain fog, pains that move around the body, anxiety, depression, nausea, low blood pressure, rashes, trouble sleeping, low energy and many other symptoms that often are mitigated when the person goes to a electromagnetic clean environment such as a forest or beach.
According to resent research, 3% of the population is severely effected (EHS) – they are hypersensitive and are in extreme pain when exposed to hi intensity wireless radiation.  30% are sensitive to harmful magnetic fields but don’t realize that it is causing their symptoms. Men often experience “the phantom ring” – a vibration in their pant pocket where they usually keep their cell phone. Even though the cell phone is not in their pocket, they feel the silent vibration thinking that they are getting a call. This is an early warning sign that the person is addicted to their cell phone.
Not all people show the common symptoms of EHS – however that does not mean that the harmful magnetic fields are having no effect. Symptoms related to arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, parkinsons, alzheimer, fibromyalgia, lyme and other autoimmune diseases are often triggered by chronic over exposures to wireless technology.  Men that keep the cell phone in their pocket have low sperm count.  Erectile disfunction is now a common problem in men. Prostate cancers and hip replacements have sharply risen since the introduction of cel phone.  It’s been proven that microwaves from our wireless devices will cause viruses to grow faster. If you have cancer, it’s important that you remove wireless technology from your life.
A healthy person can recover quickly from short term wireless microwave exposures, however, if they work or live in a environment where there is a lot of electrosmog and there are a lot of additional body burdens from toxins, viruses, bacteria, stress and a sedative lifestyle – our modern wireless technology can have a very dramatic negative impact on our lifestyle. In realistic terms – the wireless radiation in our environment have caused us to loose our connection to mother nature and the earth’s natural healing fields.
At Nature Medicine we teach the patient about the potential causes of EHS and electrosensitive disorders and suggest ways to remove the harmful technology from our home and work. We favour wired connections over wireless.  We then remove any body burdens the patients might have using nature medicine and IV therapies to detox the body.  We then support the immune system with good earth based magnetic fields to remove the electrosmog from the body so the body can then heal itself.
The Nature Medicine Clinic’s goal is to offer the very best treatment protocols in a healthy environment at prices that are affordable to everyone.  In addition to a wide variety of natural medicines from the traditional offerings of naturopathic doctors, Nature Medicine’s therapies currently include *chelation, medical *ozone, *prolozone, *PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) *UV blood and IV infusions. These therapies will detox the body and remove the body burden.
We are experts in the field of electro-biology and understand that cells are electromagnetic in nature. Magnetic “Energy Therapy” is now recognized by the Canadian Cancer Society as a form of complimentary medicine for traditional radiation and chemotherapy. You can resonate the cells using magnetic fields at specific frequencies to help the cells expel toxins and waste products and then take on beneficial nutrients. To support cancer treatments, good magnetic fields can recharge weak precancerous cells by recharging them to their full potential and get them working again.
There are good magnetic fields that resemble the earth’s magnetic fields to rebuild bones and reverse osteoperosis. Magnetic fields can increase your blood micro-circulation to get nutrients to places that have restricted blood flow. Magnetic fields will treat depression and improve your mood. You can also use micro-currents to destroy viruses and bacteria in the body.
Nature Medicine feels that “energy therapy” is the way of the future and has dedicated four treatment rooms to PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)  therapy. Dr. Michael Prytula ND has discovered that by applying magnetic field therapy with the IV treatments, they both become more effective.  Ideally they need to be administered in an electrosmog free environment daily over a one week period to have any long lasting effect in chronic disease.  Additionally, we may suggest renting or purchasing a magnetic field system so the person can continue to heal at home. This is the key to longevity.
Wellness vacations are a growing trend and Dr. Prytula ND recognizes this as an opportunity. Detoxing the body with IV therapy and rebuilding the immune system with magnetic fields requires more than one visit to a clinic. Instead of fighting the traffic congestion and electrosmog in large cities such as Toronto, our low EMF St. Catharines location in the Niagara region provides visitors from North America and locally an ideal opportunity for those that want to take a wellness vacation that features a modern Swiss style alternative medical facility as a home base.
The nearby accommodations range from low EMF quaint bed and breakfasts to the large 5 star casinos. After the patient receives their treatment, they can then go out and enjoy everything that the Niagara wine region offers such as golf, historical tourist towns and one of the natural wonders of the world – Niagara Falls.
Dr. Prytula ND and the staff at Nature Medicine feels that this is the ideal way to heal. Affordable daily treatments in a stress free, low EMF environment where you can enjoy getting outdoors in nature and get grounded – which is the best medicine. We also suggest that the patient takes healthcare into their own hands by removing any wireless technology they have in their home and purchase a magnetic field system so they can continue to treat themselves on a regular basis.  For persons suffering from chronic conditions, regular use of low intensity PEMF therapy in the home is often the best route to mitigate and reverse the symptoms.