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*PhotoDynamic Therapy (using lasers)

Using Lasers with photoactivated natural products


For a basic understanding, here is what the National Cancer Institute has to say:

National Cancer Institute on PhotoDynamic Therapy for Cancer

Using Tumeric with PhotoDynamic Therapy

PhotoDynamic Therapy using Tumeric to kill cancer cells


PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY for Stealth Microorganisms

The recent emergence of stealth microorganisms (ex. Lyme disease) and the lack of therapies capable of
eradicating them has prompted researchers to investigate new modalities . PhotoDynamic therapy (PDT) is a novel light-based antimicrobial modality capable of efficiently eradicating a wide array of bacteria, viruses, fungal and protozoan parasites.

For more comprehensive information about this innovative modality please read the following highly regarded research articles:

An introduction to Photoantimicrobials: PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY

Effectiveness of PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY on Gram-negative bacteria


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